At Lucas Insulation we do our best to keep up with the latest trends for energy efficiency and comfort for your home. We started out just like most companies as a fiberglass insulation contractor. Fiberglass insulation is one of the longest standing forms of insulation for the home, the science behind it is that the strands of fiberglass trap pockets of air which is what actually gives you the R-Value. Spray foam Insulation works in a similar fashion using pockets of air or gas.

The foam as it expands creates pockets as well and with open cell foam (the soft stuff) uses air and has a very similar R-Value to Fiberglass per inch but keep in mind that even the best fiberglass insulator can’t cover all the gaps and with foam it expends into areas you may never see with fiberglass which makes each R-value more efficient.

Closed cell foam (the hard stuff) on the other hand uses a gas in those pockets much like in your energy efficient windows which gives you almost double the R-value per inch as fiberglass or open cell foam. All of these products are great and when installed correctly by one of our professional insulators will go to work for you right away making your home more affordable and comfortable. Ask for a free quote today and we’d be glad to help you figure which solution is best for you and maybe, who knows it could be all three in one house.